Playing Church

I remembered being awed when a new family started worshiping at my childhood church.   They were lifetime missionaries in Africa, and they had come home in order to get nursing degrees.  The degrees were part of a strategy to be better prepared to serve the African people they loved. During their time in the... Continue Reading →

10 Books About Church

I am a church planter working with a nascent church that targets Millennials and folks who have given up on church.  Most of my pastoral life has been spent (over 40 years) in pretty traditional churches that failed in their calling to be outposts rather than fortresses.  My last 10-15 years have been occupied with... Continue Reading →

How to Build Fourth-Level Connections

I've been thinking about the way that human beings connect with each other, particularly how to turn simple-addition connecting into multiplication. I haven't done a scientific study, and my observations may be purely anecdotal. Nevertheless I think that there may be some warrant to the truth of these observations. First level connections are the simple... Continue Reading →

Donations Down

It was in the newspaper on Monday.  Contributions to non-profits are down because of the economy.  That is not good news if you are a non-profit and exist on the largesse of others. I just attended a workshop on the subject of building relationships that will, in turn, result in a strong financial base.  Let’s Have... Continue Reading →


Our Chamber sponsors a monthly “connector” for our members.  These connectors are held at various City businesses which provide refreshments and a great opportunities for networking and visiting with business friends. Today’s connector was held at our local Servicemaster.  A few months ago, Servicemaster moved to a new and much larger location, so this connector... Continue Reading →


I was told by church-planter-trainers that it is important to be very intentional about setting the DNA of the new church.  Prior to that time I had never really thought about DNA and whether a church had it.  But I’ve decided they all do.  And once set, there is no changing the DNA. As I think... Continue Reading →


Several months ago, maybe even a year, a guy e-mailed me and asked to have coffee.  He just wanted to find out more about LifeSpring.  The visit was pleasant. We got together for coffee a couple more times, and then he moved back east.  It was a short relationship, although it has continued via e-mail... Continue Reading →

Second Sunday Social

Today was the date of our Second Sunday Social. LifeSpring has been scheduling these regular monthly get togethers for the past several months, and we only change the date when it interferes with the kind of social we want to schedule. The October social was not as largely attended as some are due to the... Continue Reading →


I really enjoy conducting weddings. My most recent occurred at a local museum. The individual that was first asked to conduct the wedding couldn’t, so I was asked if I could take his place. It was an honor to be asked. Weddings are deeply personal occasions, and to be asked to enter that space is... Continue Reading →

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