Donations Down

Let's Have LunchIt was in the newspaper on Monday.  Contributions to non-profits are down because of the economy.  That is not good news if you are a non-profit and exist on the largesse of others.

I just attended a workshop on the subject of building relationships that will, in turn, result in a strong financial base.  Let’s Have Lunch Together was written by Marshall Howard who was the workshop presenter.


Howard is right, philanthropists get weary with continued requests for money.  Give to this.  Give to that.  At some point they want to have a personal connection with the organization/s they assist—to be treated as something more than a paycheck.  That sort of involvement takes time.

Which as been making me ask the question, “How do I go about making people interested in LifeSpring Church feel really connected to it in a way that transcends their financial contribution?” 

I was reminded of the importance of that question recently when I got a fundraising letter from a friend.  Even though I know him, I don’t feel particularly connected to what he is doing.  So he has a problem; if he wants me to give to him, he must create a tighter linkage between me and his project.

The temptation is to spend my time fussing with things that make little difference in the long-term picture.  The key to successful funding is building sincere and effective partnerships.  There is no way to make a short cut of that.