Table Talk

At LifeSpring Church we believe that everybody should be able to participate as fully as they would like.  So we give people ample opportunity to volunteer to lead congregational prayers, read scripture, and provide the Lord’s Supper meditation, which we call the “table talk.”  When we started doing this over a year ago, you could... Continue Reading →

New Barna Book

I just bought a new book called unChristian.  I found out about it through an electronic newsletter and was intrigued by the premise of the book.  Author David Kinnaman works for The Barna Group, an organization that provides primary research and tools for churches and parachurch organizations. My interest in the book began because of... Continue Reading →

Christmas Parade

Today, December 1, was the day of Merced’s annual Christmas parade.  The parade route went down Main Street right past Playhouse Merced.  LifeSpring was invited to put up a table inside the Playhouse entry way, right next to the sidewalk.  We all thought that was a good idea, although we didn’t know what to expect.... Continue Reading →


One of the greatest sins a “leader” can commit is to work alone.  Good leadership equips, empowers, trusts, and releases.  The best way to do this is through teams, and this is a good definition of team.  "A team is a group organized to work together to accomplish a set of objectives that cannot be achieved... Continue Reading →

SermonSpice dot com

One of my favorite sermon resource sites is SermonSpice dot com.  I have been using them for a few years now, and I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful variety that I find at the site. What’s neat is that SermonSpice is located just down the around about 60 miles in Fresno.  That... Continue Reading →

Never Eat Alone

I just finished Keith Ferrazzi’s excellent book, Never Eat Alone.  I found out about the book from several references to it on LinkedIn’s excellent business networking site.  Still, you never know what you’re going to find when you buy a book based on others’ recommendations. Almost from the first page of the book I was hooked.  I... Continue Reading →

“Let me buy you a coffee.”

Yesterday I was in line at Starbucks for my morning cup of coffee.  There were about four or five people in front of me, including the man with the stand-up collar.  He looked like a business man, and the collar was an accident. I debated with myself whether to say anything.  Every once in a... Continue Reading →

Business Connector

The Merced County Fair begins this week.  Every year the Fair sponsors a business connector for the three Chambers of Commerce:  Hispanic Chamber, County Chamber, and Greater Merced Chamber.  It is a really excellent way to meet people and network. There are a few people who always stand out to me at these “connectors.”  They... Continue Reading →

Jim and Casper

I just finished Jim & Casper Go To Church, by Jim Henderson and Matt Casper, and I would add it to my <em>must read</em> list for churches.  It is a keen observation at how churches look to outsiders—in this case an atheist named Matt Casper.  A quote from the Foreword lays out the direction of the... Continue Reading →

Missio Dei

Fred Peatross, from Huntington, West Virginia, is a friend of mine that I’ve never met in person.  Our relationship is facilitated by e-mail.  I live in California.  We became friends because of Jim Henderson who lives in Seattle, Washington.  West Virginia, California, and Washington—this is a great picture of our times. Fred’s new book, Missio Dei,... Continue Reading →

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