Enough is enough!

What's not to love about a smiling child opening a box of Christmas treasures? Especially when the child is poor, Third World, and whose parents are unable to provide such wonders. Every year millions of these Christmas boxes are sent all over the world. In the year 2016 the sponsor of these boxes was hoping... Continue Reading →

Leading versus “lording”

Jesus was talking to his disciples and he said this.  "You've observed how....rulers throw their weight around and how quickly a little power goes to their heads.  It's not going to be that way with you."  Matthew 20:25, The Message. Jesus' statement came directly after one of his disciples asked for appointment to a seat... Continue Reading →

Do not trust these deceptive words.

Ancient Israel believed they had carte blanche with God's approval. Not unusual.  Especially among nations that are enjoying a modicum of political and financial success.  "God bless America" we hear so often in political speeches, implying that we have a special dispensation from God. Ancient Israel's mantra was "the temple of the Lord, the temple... Continue Reading →

We want to sit at the head table.

"You let people walk all over you."  A friend recounted how an advice-giver told him to "get a spine."  Seemed like good advice.  Being everyone's doormat is not a good thing. Although...  Power is funny because it doesn't always give what it promises to its possessor.   Power is good when a solitary individual powerfully... Continue Reading →

The Apprentice

Before a teacher left his village on a long trip he entrusted his two best apprentices with the responsibility of insuring that progress in education continued in the small community.  The village had rudimentary needs, and there was much work to be done in the teacher's absence. The first apprentice was meticulous in his lesson... Continue Reading →

Tapping the Brakes

The highway traffic began to slow down.  Sixty-five was the speed limit, but when it hit fifty-five and then forty-five it was obvious that something had happened up ahead.  The curves and elevation changes of the road prevented seeing the cause, but everyone thought that it must be a bad wreck. Forty.  Thirty.  Twenty.  Stop. ... Continue Reading →

Letting People Down

The president began the meeting with, "We can't do any business because we don't have a quorum." It has happened before.  A carefully constructed agenda and set of to-do's was turned into just an interesting conversation.  The meeting ended with nothing getting done in spite of the fact that the organizational clock was ticking. Those... Continue Reading →


When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, it was with food. When the floods receded and Noah left the Ark, he offered a sacrifice to God and had a celebratory picnic. When the Israelites commemorated their delivery from Egyptian slavery, they had a meal. One of the great miracles in the Gospels is the feeding of... Continue Reading →

Divine Abundance

If you've ever shopped at Nordstrom's, you know you've had an extraordinary experience, especially if you needed additional service or even a refund. A former Nordstroms employee told these customer service stories. A customer tried to return pants that had clearly been worn for an extended amount of time, but was still given a refund.... Continue Reading →


Yesterday our new BNI leadership team got its official training for the new BNI year that begins on Thursday.  The Director of BNI Central Valley came down for the 3 hour training, and we met at a local business’ conference room. I have to say that I am really impressed with the quality of BNI... Continue Reading →

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