Figurines used in 25,000 bc are
The earliest examples of man-made amulets
Perhaps to protect the deceased
Or usher them to the next life.

Ancient Egyptians wore amulets
Resembling a scarab beetle
Presumably because the dung balls it pushed
Resembled the sun and promised life. Continue reading →

Do not trust these deceptive words.

Samuel 01Ancient Israel believed they had carte blanche with God’s approval.

Not unusual.  Especially among nations that are enjoying a modicum of political and financial success.  “God bless America” we hear so often in political speeches, implying that we have a special dispensation from God.

Ancient Israel’s mantra was “the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord,” as they looked proudly at the gleaming place of worship they associated with God’s dwelling place.  “Nothing bad could happen to us because we have the temple of the Lord” was the upshot of  this phrase. Continue reading →