Enough is enough!

What's not to love about a smiling child opening a box of Christmas treasures? Especially when the child is poor, Third World, and whose parents are unable to provide such wonders. Every year millions of these Christmas boxes are sent all over the world. In the year 2016 the sponsor of these boxes was hoping... Continue Reading →

God’s got this!

"God's got this" - mostly heard when some concern has been expressed concerning someone's health, a crisis, or unexpected negative event.  On the face of it, it sounds so religious and holy - "Relax, God's got this." But is God really managing the situation?  What about when someone is burying a loved one for whom... Continue Reading →

American Apocalypse

I heard for the first time in the early 80's that American foreign policy was being influenced by the joint ideologies of religious fundamentalism and Evangelicalism.  It seemed far-fetched at the time, but the idea stayed around in my mind in the ensuing decades. Whatever doubts might have been present were dispatched by Matthew Avery... Continue Reading →

EVERYthing happens for a reason.

"It was meant to be." "The Universe wanted me to...." "I was supposed to learn something from that." "There are no coincidences." "There's a reason for everything." These statements are nearly universal, and there is no pattern to them. Atheists, believers, liberals and conservatives, and people characterized as either spiritual or not use some version... Continue Reading →


Remember the AD 2000 scare about the effect of the new millennium on computers all over the world? Y2K was the name of the scare, and it drove doomsday-ers to their local stores to stock up on supplies for a world catastrophe in the computer realm. Frantic questions circulated about whether planes would drop from the sky... Continue Reading →

10 Books About Church

I am a church planter working with a nascent church that targets Millennials and folks who have given up on church.  Most of my pastoral life has been spent (over 40 years) in pretty traditional churches that failed in their calling to be outposts rather than fortresses.  My last 10-15 years have been occupied with... Continue Reading →

A Pantoum

“I prayed to the universe,” she said. She believed that rocks and dust could do. But rocks and dust have no consciousness. Doing requires planning and creation.   She believed that rocks and dust could do. But rocks just lay in place until they are used. Doing requires planning and creation. An intelligent hand then... Continue Reading →


I grew up in a conservative, Southern church that taught us kids that our church was pure in its belief, unadulterated by any outside historical influence.  It was a bold assertion. At the heart of this assumption was the belief that what we believed and practiced had been transferred, unimpeded and unfiltered, from the early... Continue Reading →

The Angel

Matthew didn't identify him - just "an angel." Matthew said that this angel rolled back the mill-stone door of the tomb of Jesus and was sitting on it when the two Mary's arrived.  Luke said that Joanna was there too.  They came expecting to have the awful task of putting aromatic spices on a body... Continue Reading →

Being Changed

The virtuoso caresses her violin, And the two merge into one - flesh and spruce. Chin hugging the wooden body, Strings teased by flesh into singing their melodies. No magic this violinist's craft. She did not wake up one morning With Tchaikovsky flowing from her fingers. For years she courted and romanced the music. All... Continue Reading →

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