10 Books About Church

I am a church planter working with a nascent church that targets Millennials and folks who have given up on church.  Most of my pastoral life has been spent (over 40 years) in pretty traditional churches that failed in their calling to be outposts rather than fortresses.  My last 10-15 years have been occupied with... Continue Reading →

The Desert Shall Bloom

If human beings ever had a reason to feel pessimistic, it was during the time of Isaiah the prophet in the 8th century BC. The world was in political turmoil. The nation of Assyria was ascending in power and gobbling up vast amounts of land. Israel and Judah had experienced the violence of Assyria when... Continue Reading →

Paying Attention

I was in a restaurant last week eating lunch with a friend when a fellow diner waved at me and called my name as he left the restaurant. His face was familiar. His smile said, "I know you." I'm sure I must have had coffee with him recently or share a group membership. But no... Continue Reading →

I’m the greatest!

The woman was invisible. She was the server waiting on a group of business people (mostly men). She served them well by keeping glasses filled, taking care of special requests, and serving the various courses of the meal. But no one saw her. No one said thank you or acknowledged her presence. The most that... Continue Reading →

How to Build Fourth-Level Connections, Pt. 2

Cities sometimes see new businesses come and go after very brief lives. In many cases, the business creators had a build-it-and-they-will-come belief, and they were surprised when, after a grand opening, crowds did not frequent their new businesses. The failure problem can often be reduced to one thing, namely, the refusal to do the work... Continue Reading →

Lost Things

I still remember the day that I lost my bracelet. It was a gorgeous woven silver bracelet with a toggle clasp that Bev got me for our anniversary. It felt good on my wrist and looked good with lots of things. I wore it as an every-day bracelet, and it became an extension of my... Continue Reading →

How to Build Fourth-Level Connections

I've been thinking about the way that human beings connect with each other, particularly how to turn simple-addition connecting into multiplication. I haven't done a scientific study, and my observations may be purely anecdotal. Nevertheless I think that there may be some warrant to the truth of these observations. First level connections are the simple... Continue Reading →

Don’t confuse me with the facts.

I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. The hometown of my youth had segregated schools, racially separated water fountains, entrances to the local theater separated according to race, and sitting in the back of the bus if you were black. It was a big deal when LR Central High School integrated, and a cultural sea... Continue Reading →

Profit and Loss Statement

Any organization that requires money to fulfill its mission goes through the regular discipline of closely examining its profit and loss statement.  The P & L is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specific period of time - usually a fiscal quarter or year.  Organizations that neglect to... Continue Reading →

5 Secrets to a Healthy Marriage

A few years ago I was sitting in a coffee shop not far from a 30-something friend of mine. "Hey Bruce, how long have you and your wife been married?" "Forty years." "Wow. That's a long time." The brief conversation ended, and I went back to what I was doing. But not without reflecting on... Continue Reading →

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