Second Sunday Social

Today was the date of our Second Sunday Social. LifeSpring has been scheduling these regular monthly get togethers for the past several months, and we only change the date when it interferes with the kind of social we want to schedule.

The October social was not as largely attended as some are due to the fact that we had some people out of town. We expect that will happen from time to time. Still, today’s Lake Yosemite event was very successful because of these factors.

  1. The event was planned and executed by one of our members.
  2. We had plenty of time to visit and get to know each other.
  3. Affection is clearly growing between LifeSpringers.

Our November event is going to be a bowling party at an area bowling alley. These Second Sunday Socials are important to the unity and encouragement of our members as well as being a great opportunity for visitors to get to get to know us better.