N12570205791_9498Several months ago, maybe even a year, a guy e-mailed me and asked to have coffee.  He just wanted to find out more about LifeSpring.  The visit was pleasant.

We got together for coffee a couple more times, and then he moved back east.  It was a short relationship, although it has continued via e-mail and discussions about books and ideas.  All in all, it has been a brief relationship.

This morning a visitor came to church.  In one of those “small world” experiences it turns out that she was a friend of the guy I had coffee with, and she continues to e-mail him.  She credits him with being a spiritual encourager for her. 

She told him in an e-mail that she was looking for a new church home.  I don’t know what her reasons are, but she was a guest at LifeSpring today.  She was a guest because our common friend recommended that that she attend LifeSpring.

This event reminded me that nothing is unimportant.  A casual conversation over coffee.  A long-distance friendship.  A brief interaction at a party.  None of us can ever predict where such events will take us or what people may intersect our lives because of them.

We had a guest today, and you can connect her presence directly to a cup of joe at Starbucks.  The two events were separated by many months, but they were still connected.  Which gives me hope when I think that nothing is happening.

One thought on “Networks

  1. hey bruce!!!!

    i was just thinking about you the other day, and just a moment ago I stumbled upon your link at Peter’s site.

    Hope you and your wife are doing well in Merced. Sounds like Lifespring has developed into a community of faith with staying power. That’s awesome.

    I still think of the term insiderism from time to time and when I do I always, always think of you.

    Great to bump into to you today in the blogosphere. Blessings to you!

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