DNAI was told by church-planter-trainers that it is important to be very intentional about setting the DNA of the new church.  Prior to that time I had never really thought about DNA and whether a church had it.  But I’ve decided they all do.  And once set, there is no changing the DNA.

As I think about it, I agree about the stability of DNA.  It is nearly impossible to change the basic world view of a church once matured.  Incidental changes can be made such as song choices, worship order, even the building structure.  But the building blocks of the congregation are secure and inviolate.

Today I got an interesting look at LifeSpring’s DNA.  We are filming in preparation for a LifeSpring video which will reside on our website.  It will be a way of telling website visitors the LifeSpring story through the testimonies of LifeSpring members.

Today we filmed seven of our members as they each answered ten interview questions.  The questions included such things as: Is there something for kids?  Who attends LifeSpring? Is LifeSpring accepting or judgmental.  Why do your members attend and become involved? And what motivates them?  Who gets to participate at LifeSpring? And describe your worship; why do you have weekly communion?

Even though there was no script other than a list of the ten questions, the answers almost sounded as if they had been scripted.  Why?  DNA!  LifeSpringers have a very clear view of the values and beliefs that inform LifeSpring’s mission.  The fact that DNA exists is proven by their very consistent and thorough testimonies.

The person that did the filming for us commented how clear the testimony was and how he thought he understood what LifeSpring was about.  That was an exciting moment.