I sold "Blue."

I've had "Blue" on sale for a few weeks now. First I went to Craigslist.com. Merced now has its own page there. Pretty cool.I got a nibble or two at Craigslist, but no bites. Then I put "For Sale" signs in Blue's windows as he sat in front of the house. (I'm assuming that Blue... Continue Reading →


I had lunch with friends today. I met them months ago through business connections, but the relationship grew beyond that to friendly regard. We don't get together very often, so it was pleasant to do so today.The conversation turned to networking and what I am doing through various group memberships. One even asked, "What are... Continue Reading →


One of Bev's co-workers invited us to come hear him play at a local night spot. The band was going to play reggae music. We had been intending to do that for the past several months, so this was a good excuse and motivation to do so.We got there about 10:00. The band was really... Continue Reading →

Public Service

Today I had two meetings to attend, one early this morning and the other in the late afternoon. The groups were highly diverse in membership, and the individuals very busy and responsible people.Despite their differences, the members share a common interest and love of Merced city and county. You will see them all around town... Continue Reading →


I recently had an interaction that caused me to think about the important matter of church DNA. DNA is the basic character of the congregation including what she values and how she goes about accomplishing her goals.For several years I have believed that the leadership of a church is largely responsible for how members see... Continue Reading →


A friend of mine sent me an automated message this past weekend. It invited me to become one of his "connections" on a networking website.I had registered on the site a year or more ago at the invitation of a guy in the last city I lived in. But I didn't give it much thought... Continue Reading →


Adam Moore has been really busy making additions and changes to the LifeSpring Church website. And the site is becoming much more dynamic and interesting.The newest change is the addition of an archive and subscription section where you can download recent editions of our Sunday newsletter, Currents. If you want to be on the e-mailing... Continue Reading →

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