Public Service

Today I had two meetings to attend, one early this morning and the other in the late afternoon. The groups were highly diverse in membership, and the individuals very busy and responsible people.

Despite their differences, the members share a common interest and love of Merced city and county. You will see them all around town at various functions because they care about what happens here.

One of the groups is responsible for leading a program for developing high school leaders. Some of them just came back from a retreat with glowing reports.

The other group was invested with the responsibility for writing a mission statement for a business organization. That conversation was interesting and fun.

It is impressive to see the collaboration, passion, and determination of both groups. Any organization would be blessed to have people like that working for them.

Groups like this are more effective than individuals working alone because of their shared wisdom, insight, and experience. Effort increases exponentially. That’s a good way to work.