One of Bev’s co-workers invited us to come hear him play at a local night spot. The band was going to play reggae music. We had been intending to do that for the past several months, so this was a good excuse and motivation to do so.

We got there about 10:00. The band was really good, and it was fun watching the crowd dancing and having fun. I knew fairly quickly that this was a place I want to return to.

I also had an ulterior motive for going. I wanted to meet the owner and talk to him about an idea I have–Easter week services in his bar. I think it’s a great idea. Who would ever expect worship and talk about Jesus to occur there?

As we left, the owner was standing at the door. I got to introduce myself and talk to him. He is a warm and kind man, and seemed receptive to the idea. We’re going to have coffee and talk about it more later.

Bev and I will be going back. In a way, the experience was not a whole lot different than going to Starbucks. In both cases, people are getting together because they enjoy the company, the laughter, and the opportunity to be themselves. That’s not a bad starting place for a church.