I had lunch with friends today. I met them months ago through business connections, but the relationship grew beyond that to friendly regard. We don’t get together very often, so it was pleasant to do so today.

The conversation turned to networking and what I am doing through various group memberships. One even asked, “What are you gaining from all this networking you are doing?” I thought it was a good question.

What, indeed, is being accomplished? It’s a valid question for any enterprise. “Why is this being done? What do I hope to gain?”

I said that my goal was long range. I am investing in the future, in credibility, and trust. His comment was frightening. “Yes, and people are taking notice and watching the outcome of your life.”

As I drove home I thought about how important it is to live with integrity and how many pitfalls there are to living that way. Life that is credible must be lived with a vision of what the future should be as well as a discipline to keep that life on track.

It’s a fragile trust–difficult to gain and easy to lose.

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