I sold "Blue."

I’ve had “Blue” on sale for a few weeks now. First I went to Craigslist.com. Merced now has its own page there. Pretty cool.

I got a nibble or two at Craigslist, but no bites. Then I put “For Sale” signs in Blue’s windows as he sat in front of the house. (I’m assuming that Blue is male.) I’ve gotten several nibbles since then.

Today a Latino gentleman and his son came to look at the car. They took it for a drive, listened to the engine, touched the wires, and checked the oil. “Will you take $800,” he asked. It’s no where near what I wanted for Blue, but after having several people turn down my other prices, I decided that $800 was more nearly what the the market would bear.

So now I’ve got my curb back. As with any other car I’ve sold, it feels sorta like I’ve just given away one of my kids. It’s a silly feeling to have for an inanimate object.