I got to have lunch with three guys I really appreciate today. It was convened by Roger Gibson who does Church planter care for Stadia: New Church Strategies. Roger likes to get guys together periodically for no other reason than to just encourage each other. He’s one of the most mature Christian men I know.

Tim Guerino is a Christian Church pastor in Turlock. He’s got one of the greatest hearts and most creative minds of anyone I know. He helps church restore zeal and vision, and he is very good at it. I always enjoy him.

Rich Barnes is a member of LifeSpring Church. He is a great partner in our Merced church planting venture, and I am thankful for God’s sending him our way. He is always cheerful and encouraging.

What’s always interesting to me at such occasions is how people who have little or no prior history together, leave with great affection for each other. These are really genuine, wonderful men, and that accounts for alot. But they are also disciples of Jesus, and that accounts for even more.