Figurines used in 25,000 bc are The earliest examples of man-made amulets Perhaps to protect the deceased Or usher them to the next life. Ancient Egyptians wore amulets Resembling a scarab beetle Presumably because the dung balls it pushed Resembled the sun and promised life. The Celts loved the clover Especially the four-leaf variety. So... Continue Reading →


Echo loved Narcissus His beauty drawing and captivating her. She followed and called out to him But he spurned her love and ran away. Deceit and seduction seized Narcissus because He believed only in himself and His vocabulary was solely I, me, and mine, And he chose silence rather than companionship. When Echo called out... Continue Reading →

An homage to Escher…and Jesus

Sometime life is Escher-like, Stairs that seem to go up or down don't. Architecture breaks all the rules, And walls morph. Upside down is right side up; People passing each other Are going up and down As if there are no gravitational laws. So also, the world of Jesus Twists our laws and things which... Continue Reading →

Wrestling Matches

Wrestling with God Began in my maturity When knees and hands all arthritic Beg me not to engage in such sport. As a young man it did not Occur to me that wrestling Was permitted against a foe like God Who could toss me around like a rag doll. But that was before My own son... Continue Reading →

The Twitter Post

One hundred and forty characters. Even commas and tildes count. A hashtag or an ampersand has the same weight As an A or an O. Descriptions won't fit. A sunset or a baby’s cheek Get no more space than A street address.   Emotions get squeezed out of the tiny 140 character box. You’ll have... Continue Reading →

She reads my mind.

Hundreds of other times I call to her saying, "Come in girl," And proffer a doggie treat, Peanut butter or chicken.   Hundreds of other times I call her in from her outside romp. She comes in and pauses near me Waiting patiently.   But not this time....   I am only thinking, "I should... Continue Reading →

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