Ode to Proverbs 15

Fool 02Fools talk incessantly
Words spill out like water from a broken main
Meaningless, destructive, out-of-place
Disconnected from good sense.

Fools hate wisdom
Because it points out their folly
And dares to curtail their
Impulses and unfettered desires.

Fools spew confusion and create darkness.
They hate truth and prefer to stumble
Amid obstacles and dangers
Rather than see clearly and eschew evil.

The wise are slow to speak
But weigh their words
And answer softly when it is right
Thus preventing foolish outbursts.

The wise love instruction
Knowing its value to them in living
With prudence and goodness.
They prize truth and seek counsel.

The wise have hearts that are full of light.
In spite of darkness all around they
Live in joy and abundance of spirit
And avoid the hardships of those who prefer the dark.

Understanding is food for the wise
Who hunger for it and seek its bounty
Among the mature and informed,
Knowing that fools live in a famine.

The fear of The Lord is instruction in wisdom.