PoetryPoiema, work, seems so ordinary.
Everyday, common events performed
In service to life’s routines,
Production and generativity. Just work.

Poiema bakes a pie for a friend
And decorates the crust with scallops
As a touch of beauty and love
Experienced through the taste buds.

Poiema shows up at the street mural
Painted by someone who loves her City
And wants to bless the eyes of those
Who pass by and see the lovely work.

Poiema strolls along with two old friends
Whose laughter and good conversation
Stirs their souls with talk of family, books,
Travel, and other delicious topics.

Poiema takes random ideas from a group
And combines them in creative ways to
Solve persistent problems or stimulate
Cooperation among the members.

Poiema helps a listener hear new chords
In a piece of music or see previously unseen
Architectural details in an old building
Being renovated in the downtown.

Sometimes called work, other times poem.
Both synonymous for creativity and love,
Expressed in things as small as a taste or as large as Creation.

The Bible says humans are God’s poiema,
Sheer poetry, who by doing the ordinary,
Release the lyrics of creation, imagination, and miracle
Often stretching the mind or uncovering the unexpected.

Poiema dignifies the common.
Jesus calls poiema good, God-honoring.
It is the poetry of letting a sweet word, a tasty food,
Or a kind deed speak elegant, imaginative verse.

God, I want to be your poem.

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