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Three Approaches to Life

Ruth and NaomiRuth is a little 4-chapter book sandwiched between the Old Testament books of Judges and First Samuel.    It’s a tiny, insignificant story – a story without big characters, miracles, or battle victories.

In the story Naomi and her husband Elimelech left their home town of Bethlehem because of a serious famine, fleeing to Moab, southeast of Bethlehem.  Their sons, Mahlon and Chilion, accompanied them – four people in the little party.  After settling in Moab, their two sons married Moabite wives, Orpah and Ruth. Continue reading Three Approaches to Life

They worshiped, but some doubted.

Apostles 01Matthew was a Jew who worked for the Roman government as a tax collector.  He got this job when he made the highest bid to the Roman official posting it on Craigslist.  His job was to collect 1% of annual incomes for Rome but it was expected that he would extort more monies for his own bank account.

These “publicans” were Jews, hated by the Jewish people because of their complicity with Rome and their unscrupulous reputations.  A publican, or tax collector, had to be ready to accept awful rejection from his own people.

Which is why Matthew gasped when Jesus walked by his tax booth and said, “Follow me.”  No one ever invited people like Matthew anywhere.  The best he could hope for was that people would just ignore him and not hiss when they walked by his booth.  Matthew immediately put out his “CLOSED” sign and left with Jesus. Continue reading They worshiped, but some doubted.

Five Books About Faith

Apologetics is the practice of defending a position, usually religious, through the use of reason. It is an especially useful practice in our pluralistic society known for its tsunami of ideas.

There are enough apologetical books to fill a room, however, only a few are needed for helping to sort out the questions that surround whether to believe in God or not. Skepticism without complete information is foolish. Faith without skepticism will not stand the fires of examination. The following is a short list of recommended books on the subject of belief. Continue reading Five Books About Faith