An homage to Escher…and Jesus


Sometime life is Escher-like,
Stairs that seem to go up or down don’t.
Architecture breaks all the rules,
And walls morph.

Upside down is right side up;
People passing each other
Are going up and down
As if there are no gravitational laws.

So also, the world of Jesus
Twists our laws and things which
Previously worked according to set principles
No longer behave in that way.

Power promises autonomy but it
Actually enslaves its possessor
Like a bad drug or a DUI charge.
Going up turns out to be going down.

The person riding high on political winds
Soon finds that the currents have changed
And he is actually at the bottom of the polls
With his face on the back page of section B.

The poor leper sitting on a rug
Actually has more freedom than the
Corporate lobbyist who buys influence
Or the person that feeds on the accolades of others.

And in another Escher-like sketch
The person voted least likely to succeed
Turns out to be the person with
The most success and deepest integrity.

Even though there was no one to
Purchase influence or work the angles
The person unesteemed turns out to be
The one who looks most like Jesus.