I hate liver.

I hate liver.  I can still smell the pungent odor that was created when my mother cooked liver and onions.  I can still remember trying to stifle the gag reflex it caused when my parents told me to "eat your dinner."  I can still feel its awful texture in my mouth and taste the nasty,... Continue Reading →

Letting People Down

The president began the meeting with, "We can't do any business because we don't have a quorum." It has happened before.  A carefully constructed agenda and set of to-do's was turned into just an interesting conversation.  The meeting ended with nothing getting done in spite of the fact that the organizational clock was ticking. Those... Continue Reading →

Great is Diana!

Ephesus was a city in ancient Turkey, and it was the location of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, a colossal temple to the goddess Diana, also called Artemis. Having a temple to one of the gods in your town was like being near Yosemite or the Eiffel Tower.  People flock to... Continue Reading →

We’re going to Urinetown.

We're going to Urinetown this weekend. It will be the second time we've seen this Tony Award winning play. The first time we saw the play was in San Francisco at the Curran Theatre. It was fun telling people about our intentions: "We're going to see Urinetown in the City." "You're in town? That's a... Continue Reading →

Paying Attention

I was in a restaurant last week eating lunch with a friend when a fellow diner waved at me and called my name as he left the restaurant. His face was familiar. His smile said, "I know you." I'm sure I must have had coffee with him recently or share a group membership. But no... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Cause Others to Quit Listening

Keeping another person engaged in conversation is an art.  It cannot be assumed that others will be interested in what we are saying, and failing to pay attention to that fact can cause a person to become boorish, irritating, and repelling.  Who wants to be the person that sends others scurrying for the nearest exit?... Continue Reading →

Watching My Grandfather Snore

Two of the "characters" in my childhood church were a couple of sisters. They were in their sixties or seventies at the time and well-respected by the rest of the congregants. When anyone wanted a good illustration of what being faithful or serious about faith was, these two sisters were often mentioned because they were... Continue Reading →

The Optical Illusion

The old woman with a head scarf stares back at its viewer. On first glance she seems to be all there is to the picture. But not so fast! A young woman is also in the picture. Some people actually see the young woman first. No matter who is seen first, the second person, old... Continue Reading →

How to Connect with People

Networking is not rocket science. It does require some discipline and thought however. The results are worth the effort. Here are the steps to becoming a dynamite networker. Always carry business cards or other forms of identification that you can share with others. You never know when someone will ask you for contact information. Join... Continue Reading →

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