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A Parable

workersA business owner named Ray, looking for help with a project at his business, went to the local unemployment office to hire a worker.

When he arrived at the office he found two men, Bill and Sam waiting for work. Ray explained his project, what he was willing to pay, and the requirements of the job. In separate interviews, each man explained his respective job qualifications and experience, and both men seemed equally qualified for the job. Continue reading A Parable

We’re going to Urinetown.

Urinetown 01We’re going to Urinetown this weekend. It will be the second time we’ve seen this Tony Award winning play.

The first time we saw the play was in San Francisco at the Curran Theatre. It was fun telling people about our intentions: “We’re going to see Urinetown in the City.”

“You’re in town? That’s a funny name for a Play.” Continue reading We’re going to Urinetown.