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What do you want?

Our daughter thought that going to private school was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

She painted a good picture of how hard life was at her junior high school. She begged and pleaded to make the switch, as soon as possible.

When the new school year came, she had not changed her mind, so we kept our promise to transfer her to the private school of her dreams. At mid-year in the private school, amid tears, she begged to go back to her old school. Life was not as ethereal as she had dreamed, and she hated the private school.

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I notice that you are very religious…

Idolatry 01I’ve noticed that there is a common desire on the part of humans to have a divine imprimatur on everything we do, be that a car purchase or a job selection or a person married. ¬†On the face of it, this seems like a good thing – to want to make divine choices.

But sometimes we just want God or god/s to approve our choices and leave us alone.

This god-desire may be found across the breadth of human opinion and experience. ¬†Conservatives and liberals, southerners and northerners, religious and non-religious, believers and unbelievers – all want to believe that something or someone affirms them. Continue reading I notice that you are very religious…