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A Good Day

I like days like today. It was what I would call a heavily peopled day.

It began at Starbucks. A physically challenged gentleman came to my table and asked me what I did for a living. He was curious about my opened computer.

I told him that I was a pastor, and he seemed pleased by that. He had some other questions about the church, and he finally said, “God bless you.” And he left.

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Will of God

This week I read two different blogs, both dealing with the will of God, although from slightly different vantages. The first came from Christian Century. In that blog, James Howell cautions against too quickly assuming that you know what God wills.

In a second blog, my friend Peter Walker reflected on how many times in his life he thought the Holy Spirit was guiding him to do something, only to discover that it was his own “gut” providing the guidance. Peter is wise in his caution.

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Hooking up people

This week I bumped into a woman that I see often in coffee shops around my town. The first time we talked it was like elevator conversation, and it stayed that way for months.

Recently the talk changed. “I’ve been unhappy with my job. I’m going to start looking for a new one.” I thought it was incredibly transparent.

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A friend of mine sent me an automated message this past weekend. It invited me to become one of his “connections” on a networking website.

I had registered on the site a year or more ago at the invitation of a guy in the last city I lived in. But I didn’t give it much thought or attention at the time. However, when the recent invitation came I decided to “connect” again.

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