Hooking up people

This week I bumped into a woman that I see often in coffee shops around my town. The first time we talked it was like elevator conversation, and it stayed that way for months.

Recently the talk changed. “I’ve been unhappy with my job. I’m going to start looking for a new one.” I thought it was incredibly transparent.

I told her that I knew a place where she should apply. That was the end of that conversation. But a few weeks later I saw her again. “I talked to a person at that company I told you about. You should go by and get an application.”

She said that she had wanted to talk to me about it but she was afraid she would bother me. “Not at all,” I said. I gave her a contact name and drew her a little map.

Wednesday I saw her again at a coffee shop. I knew she was supposed to have an interview sometime that day. “When is your interview?” I asked. “I’ve already had it, and I got the job.” All smiles!

Wednesday was a good day. I loved knowing that I could hook up a person needing a job and a person needing an employee. Better than that, the connection caused her great joy. That was the best!