Divine Ignorance

PeopleWhen I went through church planters “boot camp” everything was pretty theoretical.  In some ways it was like reading the travel books Bev and I used to prepare for a European trip.  It wasn’t until our feet were on Parisian streets that we really understood how it all worked.

Before we moved we were warned by other church planters that people would try to hijack the mission.  We were told they would see a small, new church as an opportunity to bring their own agenda.  I filed that away for future reference.

True to the warning, I’ve seen that happen recently.  Well meaning people want LifeSpring to be what they want it to be.  When I explain that our target is 20’s/30’s they think we are being snobbish or exclusive.  The idea of reaching out to a specific population doesn’t connect with them.

I don’t think LifeSpring is for everyone.  Some folks are too focused on their own needs and are consumeristic in their thinking.  “What’s in it for me?” I was virtually asked a month or so ago by a Boomer.  I can’t imagine a more selfish question.  “What’s in it for me?”

Our tag line is “Reaching a new generation.”  Those who understand that, younger or older, can find a place to fit in.

A friend of mine practices “Divine Ignorance.”  He does what he thinks is the right thing to do, no matter what others think.  Then he acts surprised when someone disagrees.