Car Show

20070512_0003Saturday was the day of the annual Chamber Car Show.  Merced is a popular location for auto buffs, and this annual May show is well attended.

In previous years the show was held at the County Fairgrounds.  Because of recent changes, the car show was moved to the Castle Air Force Base museum rounds.  It was a nice venue with plenty of room.  It was also beneficial to the museum, because it drew people who had never see the planes on display there.

Dodges, Chevys, and Fords were parked under hulking WWII vintage planes.  Giant engines dwarf the cars parked under them as if to ask, “Wanna race?”  I got to go on board a tanker used to refuel long range bombers and other aircraft.

20070512_0016I really like gatherings like this. You get to see who is truly invested in the well being of the community.  Typically, the hard working folks are the ones who keep showing up to such events.

I think it’s also fun getting to have relaxed conversations with people.  For the most part, no one’s in a hurry.  “Hey Bruce,” a friend said, “Let me show you my car.”  He had a really nice Camaro that he had worked on for several years.  Clearly his pride and joy.  We talked for a long time.

Another guy wanted to talk about the Chamber.  If I survive the election, I will be the Chairman-elect, so I imagine there will be many more such conversations.  I’m learning a lot about Merced as a result, thanks to events like the car show.