EucharistAdam did the “table talk” Sunday.  The table talk is the brief talk that is done just before we have the Lord’s Supper.  LifeSpring observes the Lord’s Supper weekly.

Some people call it Eucharist.  It is a symbolic meal consisting of a symbolic piece of bread and a small cup of wine or grape juice.  It is meant to cause reflection on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Adam talked about Judas and his betrayal of Jesus.  He explained that he, Adam, had also betrayed Jesus.  Just like all the rest of us who have looked out for our own selfish interests instead of trusting and following Jesus.  He reminded us that Jesus absolved us of the guilt of that betrayal, and the Lord’s Supper commemorates that fact.

I’m thankful for the weekly reminder.  I’m thankful that anyone at LifeSpring can talk about how their respective lives connect with Jesus.  Probably without realizing it, the LifeSpringers who share a little of their lives with us at the Lord’s Supper are giving us an incredible gift.

I’m thankful for that.