6:45 AM

I try to get to Playhouse Merced at 6:45 AM in order to get everything set up for our Sunday worship.  This normally includes putting out signage, turning on the lights, unpacking the car, and rehearsing the morning sermon.

There’s not much going on at 6:45 AM on Sunday.  Traffic lights are mostly green, and those that aren’t usually only take a few seconds to change from red to green.  Starbucks has a regular clientele, but aside from that, not many people are walking around.

Which makes the man in the business suit a really odd sight.

I’ve seen him before.  He always has a suit on.  Ocasionally there is another fellow with him, also dressed in a suit.  Today he had a trench coat on as well because it was overcast and rainy. 

He was walking down Main Street holding a printed flyer out in front of him like a model on the Home Shopping Network.  It must have been discouraging, walking down the empty street silently and alone.

I know that he is from a local church, but that still doesn’t make his presence downtown less odd.  I can’t bring to mind any business, civic, or social organization that would think recruitment at 6:45 AM on Sunday on Merced’s deserted streets is a good idea.

Which makes me wonder why he volunteers for this duty.  I’ve never seen him talking to anyone.  Can’t he think of a better idea and a better way to use his time early on Sunday morning?