I’ve had a very busy day.  It began with an 8:30 meeting.  A city official brought together a group of pastors to talk about faith-based initiatives and how churches could help the city.  It was a good meeting, and it was also heartening to hear a public official talking about the role of faith in the city without seeing it as a threat.

Later in the day I met a person who introduced herself and asked me who I was.  “I’ve seen you a Starbucks,” she said.  I explained that I was a church planter and that I officed in Starbucks.

The conversation went to where LifeSpring Church meets and who our target audience is.  “Are you the church that advertises in the Playhouse playbill?”  “Yes we are,” I explained.

She talked about emergent churches and what is effective in reaching the postmodern cohort.  She was familiar with Dan Kimball and his work at Vintage Faith Church.  I was impressed by her awareness as well as her desire to be relevant and contemporary.

It also the second time today that someone said they had seen our advertising.  It strengthened my belief that the best “advertising” is to be in as many places as possible in the community.  Eventually all the lines converge, and critical mass occurs.

Being in lots of places is important.  Individuallly each place doesn’t seem that important, but they eventually merge and become powerful influencers.