Jury Duty

Jury Box

I got a jury summons a few weeks ago.  I’m amazed at how soon I got the summons after moving to Merced.  And I also wonder how it found me and not some of the other people that I know who have been here far longer than I have.  What’s fair about that?

I realize that juries are necessary for a free society, but I resent how undiscriminatory it is with regard to the demands of people’s lives.  Some people don’t get salary during jury duty.  The puny $40 a day that you get for federal court is not nearly enough to replace a day’s salary. 

If I get chosen, I will have to drive 60 miles to Fresno for court.  This is federal court, not the more convenient county court.  It would mean cancelling  important meetings, not to mention the stress this is going to put on sermon preparation.

I’m not a happy juror.  I’ve been praying all day that my group gets waved off.  I don’t want to lose the amount of time this could potentially take.

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