Crazy People

Neil Cole is a Southern California church planter. His organization, Church Multiplication Associates has served as a catalyst to start new churches all over the world. To hear him talk about the growth of the Kingdom of God is exciting listening. His two-session class began at noon on Monday. He made my mind spin as... Continue Reading →


I got home last night after a very long day. I left for the Orlando airport about 11:00 am. My flight was at 2:00 pm EST, and it arrived in Sacramento at 10:00 pm EST. I hate flying these days. The seat they expect you to sit in was not designed for someone with a... Continue Reading →

I’m in the South

May I put this in your garbage bag? I gestured toward the new bag the lady had just put in the airport trash can. Why sure Darlin', she said. Darlin.' I don't hear that too much in California, but I hear things like that a lot in the South where I grew up and where... Continue Reading →

Firing Assault Rifles

I am sitting in Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport right now. It is 8:00 am, eastern standard time, and I desperately need a good sleep. On top of that, I bought a roll and some coffee and sat down at an eaterie near my gate and was promptly shooed away by a power wielding employee. The establishment... Continue Reading →

Playhouse Merced

It's official. Playhouse Merced is the new home of LifeSpring Church. It seats about 200 people and is a warm and intimate space. Some Sundays we'll have the set of the latest Playhouse production as a back drop. How cool is that? More and more people have asked me lately, Where is LifeSpring Church going... Continue Reading →

Ride Along

Briefings started at 2:00 PM. I got to sit with the officers while they discussed the shift that was just beginning. Among other things they were two cars short, so they had to find replacements at a sub-station in the city. I rode for four hours with a police officer. He allowed me to stand... Continue Reading →

Church Plants

I've been reading Bill Easum and Pete Theodore's excellent book, The Nomadic Church. It is one of the few books written on the subject of being a church without property or a building. There are definitely challenges, but Easum and Theodore point out that there are also huge advantages. I'm so impressed, I decided to... Continue Reading →


I'm looking out the door at a flowering plum. The wind is blowing the petals off like snow. The sun is out, and people are in a decidely better mood after all the rain. Most of the drinks that are going out the door are iced drinks, unlike the hot coffee that people were drinking... Continue Reading →


I'm a member of a business networking group. I am completely fascinated by the process. The group gets together once a week to talk about each other's business and provide business referrals to each other. In between meetings the members get together for coffee or lunch. What happens over time is that strangers become friends.... Continue Reading →

Floods – Second Edition

We were greeted this morning with pictures of the flooding that occurred overnight in Merced. Most of this occurred on the west side of Merced, and we live on the east side. Still, it makes you aware of how little control you have when nature runs rampant. The forecast is for light showers the rest... Continue Reading →

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