Crazy People

Neil Cole is a Southern California church planter. His organization, Church Multiplication Associates has served as a catalyst to start new churches all over the world. To hear him talk about the growth of the Kingdom of God is exciting listening.

His two-session class began at noon on Monday. He made my mind spin as he talked about the relationships he has created with people that might normally get ignored because of their lifestyles or beliefs.

Among other things, Neil said that if your life does not have a fresh story about God’s work in it today, then you’re not taking enough risk. I have to admit that until recently my life has been pretty flat line.

You know what I mean. Get up. Go to work. Come home from work. Eat dinner. Go to bed. Begin routine again the next morning. There were the occasional surprises, but nothing incredible or supernatural.

The presenters at the National New Church Conference all told similar “fresh stories.” They told stories of conversion, of abundant provision from God, of unbelievable connections with people, and of joy, all caused by taking the risk of trusting God fully.

I feel like I’ve taken a drug now. I’m addicted to the rush of seeing God work in the lives of His servants. Life before this time now seems boring. I feel like a monochrome picture that has suddenly discovered color.

One speaker described our room full of planters as crazy people. The logo for the conference said, RISK, in large letters, and the image for the conference was a roller coaster in an inverted loop.

Truly, when viewed through the lens of conventional wisdom, planters are crazy. But what a ride it is.