Saturday night the four of us went to a local church’s “alternative” worship service to scope it out. It was nice to see some friends there that I know from other contexts. The worship was pleasant although we all agreed that it was not as “alternative” as we expected.

After worship, Tom, Emily, Bev, and I went to get something to eat and drink. This is the kind of colloboration I’ve only dreamed about in the past: common goals, honest conversation, compromise, and creativity. It’s going to be fun to add to the team and to see the colloboration increase as new talents and insights are added to the mix.

We’re going to have our first “experimental” service on May 14 in the Playhouse. I’m looking forward to it and believe that we’re about to see the beginning of great things. Why? People in Merced have started asking “Where do you meet and at what time?” We are starting to get online inquiries from our website contact form. And we’ve started to add highly talented team members.

Someone told me that God blesses activity. Truly, the more we act on what we’ve been planning and saying, the more we see evidence of God’s blessing.