Low Jeans

I think I would have given the World Record to this guy for the lowest worn jeans. I have never seen a pair of pants worn that low. He was walking down Main Street and the waist of his pants were literally below his butt–about mid-thigh.

He had to hold the waistband of his jeans in order to keep them from falling on the ground. There is no doubt; gravity would have won the tug of war if he took his hands off his waistband.

Accuse me of being old fashioned if you want. I still think its stupid to wear your clothes in such a way that you have to occupy one of your hands full-time to keep them from falling down.

The guy with the low jeans is a prisoner to his fashion. He couldn’t run. They’d fall down. He couldn’t use his left hand to gesture. They’d fall down. He couldn’t walk with a normal gait, and he couldn’t just stand in place without holding his jeans. They’d fall down.

I don’t know what he was trying to prove. It probably had something to do with feeling validated by the height of his jeans. But all he proved to me is that he is mindlessly following the crowd even though it means that his pants could fall down at any time. I don’t think that’s particularly bright or courageous.