Church Plants

I’ve been reading Bill Easum and Pete Theodore’s excellent book, The Nomadic Church. It is one of the few books written on the subject of being a church without property or a building.

There are definitely challenges, but Easum and Theodore point out that there are also huge advantages. I’m so impressed, I decided to list a few of them for this blog. Enjoy!

Not having a building
…fosters creativity.
…encourages people to trust God.
…builds relational camaraderie, community and intimacy.
…always provides opportunities for every person to be involved.
…permits more focus on people, mission, and ministry.
…diminishes a “come to us” mindset and bolsters a “go to them” mindset.
…forces multiple worship services.
…smothers idolatrous “building worship.”
…encourages purposeful, missional budgeting.
…keeps people praying.
…forces decentralization into the community.
…fosters gratitude for simple things.
…allows money and time that other churches have to spend on buildings.
…allows for faster mulitiplication of churches to saturate a city.
…builds a sense of corporate excitement.