Firing Assault Rifles

I am sitting in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport right now. It is 8:00 am, eastern standard time, and I desperately need a good sleep. On top of that, I bought a roll and some coffee and sat down at an eaterie near my gate and was promptly shooed away by a power wielding employee. The establishment had only two customers, and I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t let me eat my little roll and drink my coffee there.

I’m still thinking about yesterday. It was law enforcement day at Leadership Merced. We began our day at the police station and heard from the new police chief, and one of the commanders.

From there we went to Sandy Mush prison where we got a tour. Sandy Mush houses both men and women. It has a few crazies as well as some murderers, rapists, and a smattering of all the other crimes one might commit. We got to hear from one of the inmates, but we all believe we were handed a bill of goods.

After Sandy Mush we went to the firing range where we saw a Swat team demonstration and got to fire two different assault rifles. The bomb squad also detonated two or three devices. I think this may have been our favorite time of the day.

We’ve only got two more classes and graduation. By late June Leadership Merced will be a memory. I’m thankful for the better than average glimpse that it gives me of community life and how I can plug into the community in an effective way.

On Monday I will be attending a 4-day church planters conference in Orlando, Florida. I’m looking forward to the added resources it will give me in large measure. But I’m even more excited about the idea of a good night’s sleep.