Playhouse Merced

It’s official. Playhouse Merced is the new home of LifeSpring Church. It seats about 200 people and is a warm and intimate space. Some Sundays we’ll have the set of the latest Playhouse production as a back drop. How cool is that?

More and more people have asked me lately, Where is LifeSpring Church going to meet? The last two days I’ve cracked under pressure. “It’s not completely settled yet, but I’m 99% sure it will be Playhouse Merced.” Now I can say it without condition. We are definitely meeting in the Playhouse. Experimental services start in May.

I’ve enjoyed the reaction I get when I say, Playhouse Merced. Almost to a person, I get a response something like, “Cool.” One older person asked me yesterday, Even though you are targeting 20’s/30’s, can someone my age come?

Early in May we are going to start an “experimental service.” It will enable us to start meeting with the bar set really low. We’ll try out different forms, get critique and sand off the rough edges. We think that by early Summer we will be meeting fairly regularly with a congregation of excited and energized people.

Now we can tell everyone that we have a place and a time. Come join us.