Words Without Eyes

I've been thinking about the role that social media plays in our lives today, and especially how it insulates us from one another and even gives opportunity for the snarkiest, rudest, and most alienating words.  "Words Without Eyes" is a reference to the words we paste on FB posts, comments to a post, and Twitter... Continue Reading →

American Apocalypse

I heard for the first time in the early 80's that American foreign policy was being influenced by the joint ideologies of religious fundamentalism and Evangelicalism.  It seemed far-fetched at the time, but the idea stayed around in my mind in the ensuing decades. Whatever doubts might have been present were dispatched by Matthew Avery... Continue Reading →

Fake Religion

With all the talk about fake news these days, I'm most disturbed by the rise of fake religion. What does it look like?  It preens and struts.  "Look at how religious I am," it seems to say.  It postures and poses, setting up pictures for the front page of the newspaper.  It wants to make... Continue Reading →

EVERYthing happens for a reason.

"It was meant to be." "The Universe wanted me to...." "I was supposed to learn something from that." "There are no coincidences." "There's a reason for everything." These statements are nearly universal, and there is no pattern to them. Atheists, believers, liberals and conservatives, and people characterized as either spiritual or not use some version... Continue Reading →

Car Repair

Coming down the hill from Yosemite required downshifting in order to spare the brakes.  Third gear worked the best, but it was not meant for the flat straight-aways. But getting the shifter back into Drive required determined strength, inspiring a moment of concern about the remainder of the trip home.  This was not pleasant to... Continue Reading →

We have the Temple of the Lord!

Ancient Israel was politically and religiously pragmatic.  The earliest description of this can be seen in the nation’s clamor for a Golden Calf to quell their fears at Mount Sinai. Fearing that God had abandoned them, they called for Aaron to cast an idol they could see and worship. They did this In spite of... Continue Reading →

Fake News

"I don't believe it.  It's fake news." The post came from a web troll who didn't like the post.  It was about a Kuwaiti company's beautiful anti-terrorism video which called for an end to terrorism and sang, "let's bomb violence with mercy," "delusion with the truth," and 'hatred with love."   The initial posting of... Continue Reading →

No Joke

No Joke by Jim Henderson and Cara Highsmith At a small group meeting recently I told a group of people from our church about the imam, rabbi, and pastor from Peoria.  “Sounds like a joke,” said one of our group members.  It does sound like a joke! But it’s not.  These three men from Peoria... Continue Reading →

Personal Pronouns

My editor asked me to rewrite the piece I was working on, using no personal pronouns. It seemed like an impossible request. Everything I do has some sort of personal reference.  When I get in my car I am thinking about where I want to go.  Or, when eating, what will taste good to me.  Or, when... Continue Reading →

Living with the Lord’s Prayer

I grew up being taught that the Lord's Prayer was irrelevant to the lives of contemporary Christians because the Kingdom, for which Jesus prays, was now present in the church.  Why pray for something that already exists?  Right? So much of my life I missed out on the benefits of living inside the world of... Continue Reading →

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