Words Without Eyes

I’ve been thinking about the role that social media plays in our lives today, and especially how it insulates us from one another and even gives opportunity for the snarkiest, rudest, and most alienating words.  “Words Without Eyes” is a reference to the words we paste on FB posts, comments to a post, and Twitter posts that destroy the fabric of our democracy.  

Words Without Eyes
21 September 2018

Words without eyes
Easily written, disembodied
Sent with the press of a key
Weaponized and deadly

No gazing at the Other,
No asking, “What do you think?”
No sitting in stillness
No legs under the table of hospitality.

Words without eyes are like weed killer
That stop the spread of contrary ideas.
The green growth of respect
Turns brown and shriveled.

Words without eyes sterilize communication
And shame the contrary idea
Rejecting those who differ in idea or race.
Monologue is the only mode.

Words without eyes
Favor anonymous places like Twitter
Where you don’t get human touch
And you can’t see the effect of your words.

Words without eyes don’t promote
The creation of collaboration,
The love from compassion,
Or the relationship of dialogue.

Bruce Logue