Pigeon Point

400_01_0427NC_PigeonPointLighthouseLast week I accompanied Bev to Sunnyvale where she was going to attend a workshop for speech-language pathologists.  The workshop was on Friday, so we went a couple of days early to have some much needed time off.  The time away was valuable and restful.

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon.  Because of Hotwire we were able to find a hotel for bargain rates.  The room included a free breakfast and no charge for parking.  Sometimes parking charges can add substantially to the price of a hotel.  The hotel was the Wild Palms, a small boutique hotel.  Very nice and inexpensive.

We ate at a wonderful Persian restaurant on Wednesday evening at the suggestion of the hotel staff.  Our waiter was a UC-Santa Cruz student, and he provided lots of valuable information during the evening.  He also gave Bev a container of powdered Sumac

Thursday we used to go over to the coast.  We went over highway 17 to Santa Cruz.  From there we turned north and went up to Half Moon Bay.  On the way up to Half Moon Bay we stopped at Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  This is a grand old lighthouse, currently in disrepair.  Funds are being raised to restore it and its large Fresnel lens.  A highlight of the day was walking Main Street and checking out all the little, interesting shops. 

Bev’s conference started at 8:30.  We ate breakfast and drove her the 1/2 mile down to the conference location.  I didn’t have to vacate our hotel room until 1:30.  I was grateful for the flexibility of the hotel staff.  I found that the room was too quiet.  So I left at 1:00 and went to Starbucks.  The low rumble of the voices was a helpful addition to my creative process.

At 3:30 Bev was done, and we got in the car to head home.  We arrived in Merced about 6:30, and we had to change clothes to attend the Chamber of Commerce annual Cioppino Dinner.  It was a long day.  Bed was a welcome relief.