Earthquake 01Last night, around 8:00, I was sitting on our couch-recliner, and it started vibrating.  It felt so eerie, I actually got up to see if there was someone behind the couch.  This was an irrational act since I was the only one at home at the time.  The movement lasted long enough for me to wonder what was causing the motion.

It never occurred to me that this was an earthquake.  Until…..

A message scrolled across the bottom of the television screen announcing that a temblor had struck the Bay Area in the vicinity of San Jose.  Later news reports filled in the information.  The 5.6 shock struck about 9 miles northeast of San Jose, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Residents reported feeling the quake as far east as Sacramento and as far north as Sonoma.

It added a little bit of excitement to an otherwise “normal” evening.