Pancake Breakfast

Kiwanis 03Sunday is the date of our annual Kiwanis pancake breakfast.  It occurs on Sunday, so I’m unable to participate in the event.

So, the way I contribute is by helping with the setup on Saturday morning.  The event is held at Merced High School in the cafeteria.  A group of Kiwanians and Kiwins (the local Kiwanis high school sponsored youth group) met at 8:00 AM to begin the set up.

Tasks include putting out placemats, setting up the grills, running the gas line, scrubbing the grills with pumice stones, and arranging the tables and chairs.  Setting up the grills takes the longest time.  They come mounted on a trailer which has to have it’s tires removed, covers taken off, and the supplies unloaded off it.  The grills have to be jacked up and set on a dolly to be moved into the cafeteria.

Normally I would have done my Saturday duties and then gone about the rest of my day as usual.  Today, however, I was extremely tired.  This was probably because of being gone to San Jose for three days and also attending a Friday night party.  It made for a long day today.

It’s 8:30 PM, and I’m thinking that 9:00 is looking like a tempting bedtime.