Calendar 01On Monday my Friday was wide open.  The only thing I had scheduled was a hair cutting appointment at 11 AM.  But that was five days ago.

But lots can change in five days, and they did.  At 7:15 am I called to set up the first meeting of the day.  I had my first appointment at 8:30 and got back to my home office at 10:30.  By that time I had four conversations including two at Starbucks and two at the Chamber of Commerce.

My next appointment was at 11:00–-a haircut.  Then I had a lunch appointment that was probably the highlight of the day.  The two afternoon appointments fell out.  One cancelled due to illness, and I assume the other was overwhelmed with work. 

I look back on days like today with utter awe. First, I am amazed when a day fills up so quickly.  It reminds me of how much serendipity there is in life.  Things you never expect, happen.  People you never expect, show up.  When you thought you were going to be alone, conversations occur.

I greatly enjoyed the day.  It’s Sunday night, and I am wondering what surprises are in store for this week.