New Header

Tower TheatreEver since I started blogging a year and a half ago, I’ve wished for a header to my blog that was more Merced specific.  My wishes got a little closer to reality today.

Tom Bustos is helping me redesign the header using Merced imagery.  Now, when you look at monoLogue, you will be reminded that this is about a venture that takes place in Merced, California.

Today I got a tour of the new Merced County courthouse.  It’s a really nice structure, and we got the tour from Judge Frank Doughtery who is the person who loved this project to completion.  That, in itself, was an honor.

The courthouse is so new that it’s not fully occupied.  Everyone walks around with big smiles.

The courthouse is modest but attractive.  It is worlds better than the portables and other “temporary” buildings that the County had to use for decades.  I thought that this was a tribute to what responsible, intelligent, and motivated people can do.  It was impressive.