A better use of time.

Ink pen 02I don’t get it.  Why do some people derive such fulfillment in being continually negative?

I read a rant in the paper this morning about what the city needed to be doing in regard to some land development.  I wanted to send the writer to Merced’s 10–month course, Leadership Merced. That would open his eyes.

On second thought, his eyes might be so jaundiced that he can’t see anything but the negative.

Earlier this week I pulled two rags from my post office box.  Somebody from my past decided that I needed to get their poison pen writings.  No thanks.  Into the trash they went.

People like this drive me nuts.  If they used the same amount of energy and thought for helping the poor, volunteering for good organizations, and otherwise helping their communities, they’d have a lot less time to spend making themselves and others unhappy.

Take me off your mailing list.

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