A Good Day

Sunday morning began at 5:45. By 6:45 I was dressed and ready to leave for Playhouse Merced, our church home. I have a regimen that I complete every Sunday: unlock Playhouse and turn on lights, put out our four outdoor signs, set up greeters table, preach through the morning’s sermon, help set up the children’s classroom, and pray.

I pray a lot about having guests come to check out LifeSpring. They are important to our growth and maturation. But from one Sunday to the next you never know who will or will not be at worship. That is the nature of a new church, especially one that targets a young adult audience.

Sunday was a really good day. We had guests who seemed to be pleased with what they experienced. It was nice to have them. Fred’s table talk was very moving, and I saw LifeSpringers express their gratitude to him for it. The music was good, and the congregation sang loudly. That was nice.

The day ended with our last Grand Opening planning meeting. It was a good meeting, and I think we’re ready now. If nothing else comes from it, the Grand Opening has caused the group to become more focused and invested.

In 6 days we have the first of our 4 Grand Opening Sundays. I feel good about our preparation.