Open House

LifeSpring Church began meeting weekly on September 10, 2006, but it was a soft, quiet opening. We didn’t do a lot of advertising to let people know about it. This was a good thing because it gave us the time to work on details and work out kinks.

We have planned our Grand Opening for April 8, including 2 weeks before the 8th and one week afterward. Today we had a planning meeting to begin discussing how the Grand Opening would go.

I like meetings like this because they give everyone an opportunity to contribute to the process and to have ownership of it. I also like it because I find that when people work together in a group, incredibly wise ideas are shared. Everyone wins in a colloborative venture like that.

We will be having a meeting per week until the Grand Opening. I have every expectation that we will be well prepared for it after we finish the planning process.