It’s Official

About three weeks ago I resigned my post as moderator of Ordinary Attempts. I found out that if you want to have a top notch blog with a large readership and lots of commenting, you have to invest huge amounts of time developing that–time I didn’t have.

So I told the good folks at Off the Map that I was going to have to turn over the reins. December 22 was my last day as moderator of that site, and I must say that I feel unburdened in my new status of former moderator.

One of the benefits of the resignation is that I now have some time to give to this blog. Not that I’m going to pour lots of time here, but I will be able to make more regular contributions about what is happening at LifeSpring and Merced.

Unlike the last several months, you can now expect to see semi-regular postings here. I look forward to sharing our happenings with you.

One thought on “It’s Official”

  1. we will miss you at Off the Map! I hope you will link us though and stay in touch. You have been a great friend to us!!!

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